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G. Schnip Story

G. Schnip Construction, Inc. was founded in May, 1992 by Gary Schnip, who acts as its President. In just eight (8) years, G. Schnip Construction, Inc. has established itself as a leader in Design-Build and Construction Management in Eastern Connecticut. The current staff (both office and field) has many years of construction expertise. It is this experience that has led G. Schnip Construction, Inc. to pursue Design-Build and Construction Management in lieu of traditional General Contracting.

As you review our qualifications, it will become apparent G. Schnip Construction, Inc. has been very successful using its Design/Construction Management in the public sector. In fact, two (2) of the first construction projects to utilize the Design/Construction Management approach were in Norwich, Connecticut. Those projects being the Main Street Parking Garage and The Rose City Senior Center. G. Schnip Construction, Inc.'s current staff provided the Design/Construction Management Services to the Norwich Parking Commission in 1991/1992. The Rose City Senior Center was completed by G. Schnip Construction, Inc. in 1994. The City of Norwich officials and Building Committee members were so impressed with our approach, they awarded G. Schnip Construction, Inc. another Design/Construction Management contract to build the new Central Fire Station on West Main Street, near downtown Norwich. All three (3) City of Norwich Projects were completed on time and within budgetary constraints. Since the completion of the Norwich Firehouse, the Norwich Department of Public Utilities has retained G. Schnip Construction, Inc. to provide Design/Construction Management Services for numerous projects over the past five (5) years.

Recently G. Schnip Construction, Inc. provided Construction Management Services for two (2) Elementary (K-6) Schools in Norwich, Connecticut. Theses projects had a total construction budget of eleven million five hundred thousand dollars ($11,500,000). Both projects were additions, code updates, technology, and major additions. Both projects were completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

The G. Schnip Construction, Inc.'s success in the private sector parallels its municipal accomplishments. Again, repeat of clients such as The Norwich Savings Society (now People's Bank), Consumers Interstate, and Jagenberg, Inc. realizes our commitment to service the client in a fair, equitable, and professional manner.

Groundbreaking Rose Senior
Rose Senior Center
Norwich, CT
Enfield Fire House
Enfield Fire House
Enfield, CT

G.Schnip Construction, Inc.
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